TENNIS TEAM NEWS | Chair Sherrie Burdick,, 703.717.1258

The 2017 tennis season is fast approaching. We want to wish Matt Mongan and Patrick Rhodes good luck in their future endeavors and thank them for their years of dedication to our Tennis Program!    Both coaches are pursuing opportunities in their fields of study as they approach college graduation!

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new staff of coaches, Mia Elsheikh, Aiden Kiernan and Joey Welch.  All three coaches play on their High School Varsity Tennis teams.  So, we should see some excellent training on the courts in a fun and energetic environment!  Along with coaching the junior team all three coaches will be available for junior or adult group clinics and private and semi-private lessons.

To introduce the members to the new coaches we are working to put together an exhibition match featuring the coaches on or around Memorial Day.  It will be a great opportunity to see the coaches in action!  Details will be announced in a membership email blast once they are finalized.

We also have a Coed Stroke of the Week Clinic for Adults beginning in late June that runs for 5 weeks.   It will give you a chance to learn and sharpen you tennis skills .  Areas of focus will include Forehand, Backhand, Serve and Volley.  See the registration form link below for details.

Session dates: June 29, July 6, July 14, July 20, July 27

Cost: $30 all sessions or $8 per session.

One stroke per week: forehand, backhand, volley, serve and overhead

Stroke of the Week Registration 2017

JUNIOR’S TENNIS TEAM | Captain, Deb Oelschlager,, 703.768.5720

The Junior’s Tennis Team will again be participating in the coed Mount Vernon Community Tennis League (MVCT) with a total of seven local teams participating.  League matches will take place on Wednesday mornings and Sunday evenings in June and July.  We will also have training matches at each age group, but especially for those children between the ages of 8-10. Deb Oelschlager will be coordinating the matches this year and she looks forward to working with parent volunteers who we will need to help organize the many fun events planned for the season.  Deb is in need of a co-captain this year so please contact her directly to volunteer for this position.  Brent Steury has volunteered to organize the tennis ladder this year.  Please contact Brent if you ever have questions about the ladder,

MVPA Jr Tennis Site – check here for all the latest updates and possible schedule changes

MVPA Jr Tennis Online Registration Form

MVP 2017 Junior Tennis Spring & Summer practice schedule

This year Deb has created a tennis site HERE and you can register online by clicking HERE.  There will also be an open registration held on Sunday, May 21th from 3-5 p.m. at the tennis courts or by the pavilion if it rains.  Team membership is $15 per child plus a $3 ball fee per family.  Shirt orders will be taken online and at registration, so please bring your checkbook.  Practices will start on Tuesday, May 30th in the afternoon and will move to the morning once school is out.

The Junior’s kick-off party is tentatively set for Wednesday, June 14 (4:30-6:30PM) during practice. Our first match will be in late June.  Stay tuned for details posted to the tennis team website. We need volunteers to both lead and assist with the Junior’s tennis functions and the training matches. Please call Deb with questions about volunteering or go to the volunteer signup at . Thank you in advance for your assistance!  We greatly appreciate it!

MVP 2017 Junior Tennis Spring & Summer practice schedule


From 4:00 -5:30 pm:

MONDAY             TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY      THURSDAY          FRIDAY

13 – 14                  15 – 17                  13 – 17 Coed              Girls 13-14            Boys 13 – 14

Coed                     Coed                     (optional)                  & 15 – 17                    & 15 -17


From 5:30 – 6:30 pm:

8 – 10                    11 – 12                  8 – 12 Coed         Girls 11 – 12         Boys 11 – 12

Coed                     Coed                     (optional)            & 8 – 10                 & 8 – 10

  • At the discretion of the coach, the top 4 players from a lower age group may be invited to practice up one age group.

JUNIOR’S SUMMER PRACTICE SCHEDULE begins June 26, ends July 28

Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Age 13 and over: 9:00 am -10:00 am

Age 11-12:  10:00 am -11:00am

Age 10 and under: 11:00 am -12:00 pm

Match Days: Wednesday mornings @ 8:30 am and Sunday evenings @ 5:00 pm

2017 MATCH SCHEDULE (match held at location of team listed first)

6/28 (Wed @ 8:30 am) – Riverside Gardens v. MVPA

7/5 (Wed @ 8:30 am) – Waynewood v. MVPA

7/9 – (Sun @ 5:00 pm) –  MVPA v. Stratford

7/12 (Wed @ 8:30 am) – MVPA v. Hollin Meadows

7/16 (Sun @ 5:00 pm) – Stratford v. MVPA

7/19 (Wed @ 8:30 am) MVPA v Mansion House

7/23 (Sun @ 5:00pm) MVPA v. Little Hunting Park

7/26 (Wed @ 8:30 am) RAIN/DEVELOPMENTAL DATE


WOMEN’S TENNIS TEAM | Co-Captains, Julie Auletta, 703.765.1177 + Irene Smith Mee, 703.799.1214.

The MVPA Women’s Tennis Team is open to advanced, intermediate, and advanced beginner players, age 17 and older. Team members participate in competitive play, while also enjoying the fun and social benefits of the team and the game.

 Joining the Team

We welcome new team members and encourage you to join us at any time. The earlier in the season you join, the more likely you will be able to participate in league play, if you are interested. If you are thinking about joining or just have some questions, please contact one of our 2016 co-captains, Irene Smith, or Julie Auletta,, for more information or simply stop by one of our scheduled practices or mixers. Tennis racquet and appropriate court footwear are required.

 League Play

Our team is a member of the Mt. Vernon Community Tennis (MVCT) League, which consists of 6 local teams (including us). League matches are generally played on Friday mornings, beginning at 8:00 am, from mid-June through mid-July. Participation in league play is not required for team membership.  Teams may agree to play at 7pm on Fridays instead.

 Weekly Practice

Our team practices on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm beginning on May 16th. Practices are open to all team members. Team practice is structured primarily around doubles play, with similarly skilled players grouped together as much as possible. This year we hope to have our tennis coaches help us with drills during the first part of our weekly practice.

 For Beginners

Beginners are welcome.  Team membership does not include much formal instruction beyond weekly tips/drills from the MVP tennis coaches.  Players looking for more formal instruction should take advantage of Stroke of the Week Clinic on Thursday evenings in late June and early July.  Click Stroke of the Week Registration 2017 to print the form, or stop by the gatehouse once the Park is open. It will give you a chance to learn and sharpen you tennis skills .  Areas of focus will include Forehand, Backhand, Serve and Volley.


MEN’S TENNIS TEAM |  The men’s tennis team needs a leader! 

Please contact Tennis Chair Sherrie Burdick,, 703.717.1258 if you are interested in re-forming a men’s team.

Adult men, we have a new class for you called the Stroke of the Week.  It will give you a chance to learn and sharpen you tennis skills .  Areas of focus will include Forehand, Backhand, Serve and Volley.  Click  on registration form and more information.  Stroke of the Week Registration 2017

Please check the tennis bulletin board by the gatehouse and at the tennis courts for special events and important dates. Sign up on the reservation sheets posted on the right side of the main gate. Court 1 is an open court except for matches and practices.